Data Kitchen: Frictionless data, moldable tools, pocket infrastructures & permanent workshops for community empowerment


I have pressented this project to the News Challenge last call:

Is mixing ideas for several places, including OKNF’s Frictionless data with what I call “pocket infrastructures” (like grafoscopio), and tries to go beyond tech by exploring and creating workshops and micro-curricula (see our Data Week) so people can not only use the technology but also change it.

Any feedback is welcomed. You can make it here in this place, but if you can made it on
their platform, from a simple “heart” (+1) or drop me a line, it would be greatly appreciated and it will help to make more visible the project.



PS: hopefully this is the place to share such projects :-).


This is exactly the place to share such projects :).

I could also recommend this place: Labs Projects - Open Knowledge Labs

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Thanks Dan. I see that in the yaml description file for new projects is necessary to put github repos. I don’t use the github DVCS for hosting my projects but an indie web self owned approach using Fossil. In the spirit of frictionless data, there is any way to publish the projects by sharing the yaml file but putting it in our own DVCS, without centralizing everything into GitHub and doing it without to the fork, push, pull stuff. Just publishing the yaml file and using a form to add them to your site.

How can I help to implement/test that approach?

Interesting. In theory, there’s no need to host your project on GitHub. If you want to test your suggested approach, I can definitely help, but I could also handle the fork/push/pull stuff if you’d like :wink:.

I noticed that you will moving to visualizing spending data. Are you aware of our new push in OpenSpending? We have a growing community here: OpenSpending - Open Knowledge Forums

Something happen when I replied by email. So here comes again.

Well the advantage for me of fossil over git is that you (or anyone
else) don’t need to care about forking, merging, push, pull. It’s a DVCS
that tries to get out of your way. For me the flux is cloning and commit
most of the time. So I would like to test the descentralized approach
first. The idea would be to point to the last version (the tip) of the
YAML file, where ever it is hosted and the OKFN project page will read
that YAML file and render it in your platform. Does that make sense? How
can I provide you the link to the YAML file on my repo?

Yes, we will. But first I want to try kind of a pocket poliwoops[1] with
my approach of pocket infrastructures. I think that is important to have
more stake holders involved in a public conversation, and because that
conversation is happening for government agents (public institutions and
politicians) on twitter we need to intervene that place of discourse,
event to bring awareness of what is happening in other places like Open
Spending and here. So let me have some of this twitter visualizations
done an after that I will be involved on public spending, starting with
some local projects.