Datastore search API


I’m trying to use the datastore search api on a file with 300 rows.
I’m using the parameter ‘q’ for searching specific term.
For some reason the api search only on the first 100 rows and because the term i’m looking not in the first 100 rows it does not find it.
I’ve tried to add the limit parameter but it doesn’t seems to help.
Any ideas what i am doing wrong ?

hi @Arikve, if what you say it’s true that sounds like a bug. Would you mind creating an issue on the public issue tracker with an example? ie a publicly accessible dataset where this is happening (you can use or


Thanks amercader
Before I open an issue
i’ve uploaded the dataset to here

if i search

i get no results, although there are records with such field and values (but they are not in the top 100 results)

if i’m searching for
i will get results.

now i’m thinking , is there a problem with searching a query which contain the phrase “it” ?