Recline support request - no query method on _store object in recline model

We are using the recline library to instantiate a csv backend to generate charts using nvd3, however I am getting an error that I do not understand:

Uncaught TypeError: this._store.query is not a function

The error is coming from the recline model on line 201 (the dataset->query method):

this._store.query(actualQuery, this.toJSON()) ...

The dataset instance in question is using the csv backend, which (when I output it to the console on model init) does not seem to have a query method set on it. Consequently, when this._store is set to backend by the dataset model there is no query method and the above error is thrown.

I’m unclear why I’m seeing this behavior and am wondering if anyone has any insight.

I can well believe that the CSV backend doesn’t support querying. However, you might get a better answer to your question at Issues · okfn/csv.js · GitHub or Issues · datopian/portal.js · GitHub.

Good call - I’ll shake the tree over there. Thanks for the tip!