EC Consultation: Role of publishers in the copyright value chain and on the 'panorama exception'

The Commission is launching a public consultation on the role of publishers in the copyright value chain and on the ‘panorama exception’. It will serve to gather views in particular on the impact that granting an EU neighbouring right to publishers could have on the publishing sector, on citizens and creative industries and as to whether the need (or not) for intervention is different in the press as compared to other publishing sectors. The consultation will also serve to collect input for the Commission’s analysis of the current legislative framework of the ‘panorama exception’.


  • List key questions
  • Summarize any public responses

Well, now there’s a different answer in progress, on the role of publishers, according to a leaked document:

I’m still reading and have no suggestions. I don’t know though, is there still a need for an(other) summary, or interest in analysis of this document?

@enyst great for flagging this and it should definitely be its own topic - would you be up for re-posting in its own topic.

In the meantime: I’m not sure I follow EFF’s take here. Overall the idea that creators should get a share in value created downstream using their works is very reasonable.

Personally, I think that using monopoly rights like copyright for this does not work very well for creators, publishers, platform owners or consumers. However, we need to propose a positive alternative not simply complain about the extension of monopoly IP rights.