Economics Working Group Github and Gitter Space


Forking the discussion from Text Chat Space for Labs - IRC or Slack or XXX:

Ah ok. I would suggest we consolidate chat in one place and we also consolidate the github space rather than splitting off - i.e. no need for a separate okfn-oe organization – we can create any relevant repos within okfn.

Sound good?

PS: great you are being so active (and would suggest you post your discussion document re the group here on the forum as well as to the list)


Thanks for the words, @rufuspollock.
It sounds good, yes. Not sure how we can do this while keeping me “in charge” of the group. Right now, I can easily add administrators and I’m not sure if that’s possible if we put everything together in one GitHub organization. I mean, I would actually prefer if I didn’t need to add users one by one. It is just that, in the future, I would like to add somebody else as admin because it helps me to manage everything about the group.

Anyway, I am sure we can handle this once I have a talk with a community manager. There are a lot of things I need to know if I can do, there’s a need to define what kind of support I can expect from the OKFN and so on. And yes, I am going to post the document here too. I first posted it to the list because I feel nobody from the group visits the forum regularly. But still, I will post it here. Also, I would like your feedback, if you have the time to have a look at it and say something. It’s okay if you cannot.



If you make the channel a public channel anyone can join so you will not need to add people one by one.

The benefits of having it all under one account is:

  • It is easier for community members to find and there is less possibility of confusion and fragmentation
  • It is better for sustainability - if you happen to be away for a few months there are other people with access who can help deal with things. This will also help with your administrator point …

In terms of keeping you in charge, I think if we set up a repository under okfn called e.g. open-economics we can maybe use gitter permissions (not too sure here - have not been able to track down gitter docs on permissions too well)

On this point have you seen Open Knowledge Network guidelines consultation - give us your feedback! - worth taking a look at that and sharing any thoughts or comments that you have.


I am not sure yet how we are going to do things in regards to the website. Once we decide on that, yes, we can do that - have a single repository named open-economics and divide every project within that repository (not sure if I like that organization, but I understand and respect your point). Worst case scenario, we create a repository for each project as you have been doing with other groups and projects. Keeping things consistent also makes sense :slight_smile:

Yes, I have seen the network guidelines. Excellent work! However I am not sure if working groups are that well covered. My point was expressed here, in case you haven’t had the chance to have a look on. From there, there is a lot we can speed up and, of course, get in touch with the community managers to solve underlying topics.

Thanks, once more!


I do no think the repository question and the website intersect too much.

My big tip in all of this is keep it as simple as possible – e.g. focus on one project to start with, use one chat space, one repository. Only when you need more do you want to add it.


They are, because it will depend on how we can publish datasets online. That is, how can we create a system like that on the open economics website? Using CKAN? Datahub? I personally prefer using a possible CKAN integration, as it is more adequate, speaking in terms of design. If we need to use a system like OK’s data-package, we need separate repositories, right?

Those are the type of questions I need to have answers before moving forward with other things.


We seem to be forking off into quite specific stuff. On these types of questions I suggest it is worth coming to the Open Knowledge Labs hangout this week:

Generally on the gitter question I’d still advocate for create as a general chat room (we can resolve the github repo / org stuff later).

Overall I am clearer now on what you are doing and well done on having stuff moving so well!


Oh, yea, I am totally okay with creating that chat room! I was focusing more on the GitHub issue, but I’m not sure how we’ll handle from there. We’ll discuss later then. As for the Gitter issue, how can I create the room? Do I need a repository under OK organization? Or should we simply create a chat room? We currently have one channel for each project. I found that the best way to keep things organized. Discussing every project in one place would have no advantage than the mailing list.

I was aware of that hangout, although I skipped it as I thought I didn’t have anything reasonable to present. In that case then, It seems likely that I will attend that event. It’s my opportunity to discuss CKAN and Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the words, @rufuspollock! You can have a complete idea if you have a chance to read the document I shared earlier. Be aware though, I intend to add more features and more things that may sound a bit incomplete at the moment.


My 2 cents about working groups: they need to be in collaboration with other orgs. We do it because it helps not only in capacity building, but it also help us to be sustainable. Currently, this group, in my knowledge, does not have partnerships with other orgs. Maybe this should be our first steps?


Hi Mor, thanks for your inputs.

You’re correct, the group does not have any collaboration of that kind.
And, respectfully, I have to say that I disagree. Bringing more heads to
the decision positions will only arise the agency problem, where people
will try to pull the project closer to their interests. Let alone if there
is money involved…

This group has a list of objectives, a mission and a vision. Having a
partnership may not be advantageous to any parties. Maybe it has worked in
the past, I don’t know. I am on the train with poor internet connectivity
so I can’t search in that regard.

Thank you very much for your feedback!!


Thank you for the feedback, and write it in the doc as well ! :slight_smile:


You mean the objectives, mission and goals? Makes sense to dedication an entire section to that yes. Thanks for the suggestion!