Tech Hangout February 2016

Hey, Labs, it’s 2016 already! It’s also February :open_mouth:. Let’s hangout and talk about the cool things we’re doing with data!


In the Etherpad


The hangout is an opportunity for folks to present projects and ideas and also to discuss any general Labs items such as improvements to website, events etc.

It’s super informal and anyone can come along and contribute. If you’d like specifically to present something please jump into the Labs Hangouts Etherpad and add it to the agenda


@akariv @rufuspollock @loleg @dianemercier @rlafuente @davbre @pdehaye @mattfullerton @juliakloiber


Hey guys - is the event link available yet?

Hi, I’ll post the link soon.

Thanks for you help.

  • Josh W

Since it’s a Google Hangout, you only get a url just before you are about to start it. As such, as above, it probably won’t appear until a few minutes before it’s due to start.

YAYS, thanks for sharing the link :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for joining! See you in March!

Unfortunately I could not attend. Is there a delayed transmission somewhere that you could share? I think the hangouts save the conversation to YouTube, if you have ticked that option of course.

Best regards.

Hey, sorry you couldn’t make. See above :wink:

Hi, @danfowler. Thank you for your reply.

Ah, the topic has been updated! Great!!