Edinburgh Open Knowledge Meet-up: Cryptocurrencies and Participatory Budgeting

Edinburgh Open Knowledge Meet-up will take place this Wednesday:

When: 5.30 — 8.00 pm, Wednesday 28th June 2017
Where: CodeClan, 37 Castle Terrace, EH1 2EL , Edinburgh

This meet-up will focus on how new currencies such as Bitcoin are challenging the way we perceive and use money. No longer are banks or governments the mediators of currencies, with the power to divest or invest to dictate the flow of value within society. The technology underlying Bitcoin, namely the blockchain, decentralises money and offers a platform for its creative use.

Bettina Nissen will present a number of inter-related designs and initiatives created within the ESRC-funded After Money project led by Design Informatics which contribute to contemporary debates around the emergence of new forms of value exchange.

Leah Lockhart will report on research by DemSoc on digital tools for participatory budgeting and facilitate a discussion on how these innovations are potentially relevant to the Open Government Scotland National Action Plan.

Please register at https://attending.io/events/opendataedb24