moving to read-only mode


Hello all,

First, thanks for being a part of the OpenSpending community. It’s an exciting time to be involved with lots of changes to come!

We’re hard at work on OpenSpending Next and are starting the process of migrating existing public datasets. In the process, we are going to be putting the old OpenSpending into read-only mode for up to two months. During this period, no new datasets will be able to be created on While we still want you to be able to access existing datasets, we don’t want to risk losing any new datasets created during the transition.

Edit (18 January): One major motivation for this move is that users encountering the old OpenSpending site periodically run into issues when they try to import new datasets. Unfortunately, we don’t really have the resources to support and fix these issues on the old site while we build the new one, so we have decided to move to read-only mode so we can focus all our effort on making the new site great!

Thanks for your understanding. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the upcoming transition.



End of Life for OpenSpending v2 and Where Does My Money Go

Can you confirm the ETA to being back online is March 1st, 2016?


For two month, that’s a huge gap but early waiting to try OpenSpending Next.



Hi all.

@townlife no, we can’t confirm being back online for March 1st 2016, and we never gave this date in the first place :). OpenSpending is online and operational, but in read-only mode. If you have data that you would like to use with OpenSpending, please reach out to us and we can work with your data on the new OpenSpending code as part of alpha testing.


On Saturday, on the Open Data Day, we were planning to use Openspending for the spending data of an Austrian federal state. Any chances we can get access to your alpha testing for this purpose?

OpenSpending Next: Status Update

By now the Open Data Day has gone by. Nevertheless, according to the Open Spending Next website, it seems that new submissions for datasets can be accepted at the issue tracker for od-data on Github.


Hi all,

I just wrote a post giving a status update on OpenSpending Next:

Please see there for more information, and for our updated estimate for moving out of read-only mode.


Any updates? Been over a year at this point.


Hi Mike,

you mean updates as to the status of next.openspending?