When does "Read-Only-Mode" finish?

Now OpenSpending is Read-only-mode, so I can’t upload my data. When does Read-Only-Mode finish?

Hi Hiroko,

If you want to submit information for 2016, you have to do so in global.survey.okfn.org, the old census is closed now and is read only.

Hi @tlacoyodefrijol and @Hiroko_Yamamoto, I have moved this topic to the OpenSpending category, because it is about OpenSpending not the Index.

The alpha version of the new OpenSpending is here and is ready for your data!


You might be also be interested in watching a recording of last month’s tech hangout on OpenSpending:

Let me or OpenSpending Community Manager @VictoriaVlad know if you have any questions!


Thankyou! I found the new site and I could login… but I donno how I can upload the date to use this app. http://app.wheredoesmymoneygo.org//
I’m thinking about to make a Meguro-city version of “Where does my money go”.
Do you have any idea?

Where can I upload my data to the address???

Hello Danfowler,
Thank you for your reply^^
I would like to know how to upload the data for “where does our money go?”. Can you help me?

I’m thinking about to make a Meguro-city version of “Where does my money go”.

Hi @Hiroko_Yamamot,

To upload your fiscal data, access http://next.openspending.org/packager/provide-data/ the OpenSpending Packager.

These are step by step instructions to:
Prepare your data Prepare - OpenSpending
Package your data Package - OpenSpending
Load you data Load - OpenSpending

Glad to have a call to clarify any further questions. Feel free to email me at victoria.vlad@okfn.org