Entry for Air Quality / Mexico


In the context of the GODI public dialogue phase, and its objective to discuss the GODI preliminary results in an open dialogue, on May 25th, 2017, Ania Calderón - Executive Director of the Open Data Charter, Oscar Montiel - International Community Coordinator of Open Knowledge International, Sergio Araiza - SocialTIC y Escuela de Datos and Enrique Zapata - General Director of Open Data in Mexico, gathered in a joint Hang Out to:

• Discuss the preliminary results for Mexico,
• Analyze the pertinence of these preliminary reviews and the existence of requested datasets in open formats, and
• Agree on submitting joint comments to be taken into account

After this exercise this group would like to kindly request the reviewers to take into account the following clarifications to the ‘Air Quality Dataset’ ‘up-to-date’ dimension, based on the following comments:

  1. The dataset used for the preliminary result relates to historical versions of air quality.
  2. The adequate, up-to-date dataset can be found here (https://api.datos.gob.mx/v1/calidadAire). This is a feed based on data from the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change that has been active since 2016 and used by actors such as Google to inform air quality in various Mexican Cities.
  3. As part of the response of the government to the GODI findings, we also created an API with data from all monitoring stations in the Mexican territory that can be found here (https://datos.gob.mx/busca/dataset/api-para-consulta-de-datos-de-calidad-del-aire-del-sinaica/resource/be8642aa-34ca-4fec-9c81-f531c823154b).

We thank the reviewers for their time and willingness to take into account the work done jointly by civil society and government to perfect the GODI and increase its value for the open data community.