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The review says “One can download the complete Sirene dissemination base”, although this is not accurate: the database published by INSEE is unfortunately seriously incomplete.

Indeed when companies register they can check a box on the form to keep contact information private, which makes sense, but instead of simply emptying those information for all these companies in the opendata output, INSEE removes entirely the corresponding lines, resulting in an incomplete registry with plenty of actual companies missing.

I’m not sure how incomplete data should be reflected on the index, but having it say Registry Company is 100% opened in France is wrong and misguiding.

And same thing here, no point taken in the fact that this dataset probably contains only 75% of all french companies registered, company register is also fully open now in France according to OKF… This is so counter-productive to all volunteers fighting everyday here to actually get things open… My heart is crying here.

I guess I’ll really give up this time on contributing to the index in the future. This is really depressing after having spent so much time contributing trying to explain all specific details to in the end see things summed up as “100% open” and all information submitted disapparead with only explanation on the data set “This is an update based on the Public Dialogue”

Hi @RouxRC,

I understand your frustration but this dataset didn’t go through changes during the dialogue phase, and the submission comments are still there. The entry is right as it was submitted. It is important to notice also that the reviewers did the best they could understanding the datasets they had to review, so if you consider it is really important to add these considerations, we can do it.

@tlacoyodefrijol Well actually the history is slightly different, here’s what happened:

  • when we submitted it late 2016, the SIRENE database hadn’t been released yet, so the submission was quite different back then
  • then INSEE finally released SIRENE on January as the law now obligates them to do following strong advocacy from the whole french community
  • that is why the reviewer changed the submission since into what it actually says. Although, since officials of course do not advertise the lack of important parts of the dataset, she could not know it should not have been considered enough to declare France fully open regarding the Company Register
  • hence my comment up in this thread (although I must definitely recognize it came in quite late, my apologies for that, but everybody is completely volunteering here unfortunately on those themes)

PS: I believe the good way to adress the fact it is incomplete although there was a strong effort towards publication would be to declare it as not downloadable at once

Thanks @RouxRC for pointing this important issue out ; INSEE advertises the database as “exhaustive”.

Beyond the Open Data Index, I don’t see this issue on data.gouv.fr : Base Sirene des entreprises et de leurs établissements (SIREN, SIRET) - data.gouv.fr but maybe it’s because I haven’t read all the comments thoroughly.

INSEE has been quite responsive in the comments so I think it’s another good channel to use (but maybe other re-users have signaled this issue in comments I have not read).

Yes they do not advertise it which is also problematic :wink:
But this information comes (orally) from people at Etalab themselves, @romtal confirmed it again to me over the phone a couple weeks ago.

Perhaps we should open a comment thread on data.gouv.fr about this