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This is a discussion about the submission for companies / my.

Sets of data that published in the open data portal are categorized according to the clusters. There are 18 data sets of data clusters, one of them were categorized as :

-Company Register / Company Registration

Company Registration, there is almost 18 datasets in data.gov.my portal
The following list is part of data sets for the Company Registration:

  1. Senarai Lesen Perniagaan BLESS Sehingga Jun 2016 : *http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/senarai-lesen-perniagaan-bless-sehingga-jun-2016

  2. Jumlah Perniagaan Berdaftar Dengan SSM Di Malaysia : *http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/jumlah-perniagaan-berdaftar-dengan-ssm-di-malaysia

  3. Senarai Syarikat Menurut Jaminan Dengan Perkataan Berhad :

  4. Jumlah Syarikat Yang Di Perbadankan Di Malaysia Dengan SSM :

Dear @easternmie,

Thank you for submitting the resources for the data. Even though there is information there it doesn’t have the characteristics that GODI looks for about company register. Some of it is only aggregated data, there are no addresses available and there are different datasets for different registries. The Australian sites shows the type of data we are looking for.