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This is a discussion about the submission for land / my.

Sets of data that published in the open data portal are categorized according to the clusters. There are 18 data sets of data clusters, one of them were categorized as :

-Land ownership : http://www.data.gov.my/data/en_US/group/pemilikan-tanah

There is datasets relates with Land ownership in data.gov.my portal
The following list is part of data sets for the Land ownership cluster:

  1. Perangkaan Harta Pegangan Mengikut Kaum dan Kawasan di bawah Majlis Daerah Pasir Puteh :

  2. Statistik Permohonan Pembangunan Tanah Bagi Pejabat Pengarah Tanah dan Galian WPKL :

  3. Statistik Permohonan Kebenaran Pindah Milik, Pajakan, Gadaian dan Perolehan Tanah Dari Warga Asing Bagi PPTG WPKL:

  4. Data Permohonan Urusan Tanah di Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Seluruh Negeri Kelantan Bagi Tahun 2015:

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