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This is a discussion about the submission for law / my.

Sets of data that published in the open data portal are categorized according to the clusters. There are 18 data sets of data clusters, one of them were categorized as :

Legislation, there is almost 23 datasets in data.gov.my portal
The following list is part of data sets for the Legislation cluster:

  1. Undang - Undang Malaysia (LOM):
  2. Statistik Pendaftaran Kes Jabatan Bantuan Guaman Suku Tahun ke-3 2016:
  3. TPPS Statistik Bulanan Pendaftaran Kes TTPR Mengikut Negeri Bagi Tahun 2015:
  4. Statistik Khimat Nasihat Jabatan Bantuan Guaman Suku Tahun ke-3: *http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/statistik-khimat-nasihat-jabatan-bantuan-guaman-januari-september


Dear @Dhom_Niddufias,

Thank you for sharing this resource with us. We looked at the data sets and notices that the data sets actually contain the titles and codes of the laws, not the laws themselves, so we can’t change the submission for this year’s assessment.