Entry for draftlegislation / py incorrect in 2017


This is a discussion about the submission for draftlegislation / py.

This entry is incorrect, the information from the legislation is available at http://sil2py.diputados.gov.py/
It contains the draft legislation, the changes, the related votes, etc
Is not in a open data format per se, not bulk download, but the informations exists, is available on Internet, free of charge


Dear @jpane,

thank you very much for your feedback. As part of the public dialogue we will follow up on your input, and will get back to you in the coming days.

All the best,


Hi @jpane,

I actually found that Paraguay provides all required data in an API under an open license, and checking with the Wayback Machine, it shows that the API was up in 2016 already.

Would you agree that the data is

available online
available for free
openly licensed
not available in bulk?


Dear @dannylammerhirt I believe this is correct, but I’m curious as to which API you found, could you share the endpoint?


Dear @jpane,

I found the API at this link: http://datos.congreso.gov.py/opendata/api Curious to hear what you think about it.