Entry for National Laws / Argentina


This is a discussion about the submission for National Laws / Argentina.

Hay que corregir los siguientes campos:

B2.2 Link: http://datos.jus.gob.ar/dataset/base-de-datos-legislativos-infoleg
B9 2


As a reviewer, I did not make the proposed changes to the submission because the content that is available at the URL that you have provided is not entirely relevant for the purpose of this submission. If you open the CSV files you will notice that these are only aggregate lists of various laws, directives and resolutions with not actual texts. The actual laws are found at the URL originally provided in the submission. In this case they were only available in PDF format and the terms of the website are clearly not adherent to requirements of Open Data (http://www.saij.gob.ar/reglamento).


We would like to insist on @Lopez comments. While it’s true that the dataset avaliable at datos.jus.gob.ar does not include the complete text of the laws, decrees, and other low level norms (not in aggregate form, but near 300,000 pieces of legislation) it´s also true that the dataset includes an outstanding level of detail and metadata, including a summary, annotations, classifications, and - more important- the norms that modify or were modified by the norm, with all rellevant IDs so the full database can be replicated. It must be also noted that pointers to the complete text direct to Infoleg and not SAIJ, and so the complete text must be considered to be under a Creative Commons licence.

In summary:

Location should be http://datos.jus.gob.ar/dataset/base-de-datos-legislativos-infoleg and not http://www.saij.gob.ar/
Content of the full legal text is in HTML format and not PDF, as the urls included in the dataset point towards Infoleg (i.e. http://servicios.infoleg.gob.ar/infolegInternet/anexos/255000-259999/257755/norma.htm)
The full dataset is downloadable at once, including summaries and pointers to HTML pieces, together with amendments, dates, and other relevant metadata.
The licence is ODbL for the dataset, and Creative Commons 2.5 for the complete content in Infoleg.

Thanks, and we hope this helps!


Thank you @lopez and @gonzaloiglesias. We’ll change accordingly but we can’t say it’s in an open format because the actual laws are only in PDF and HTML.