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This is a discussion about the submission for Election Results / Brazil.

There is not much to comment about this submission except for how knowledgeable the submitter appears to be about the subject matter (much more so than I am, for sure :slight_smile: ).

Other than that, I think the file format should be considered as CSV, instead of TXT. Although the file extensions are TXT, the data, as described in the accompanying documentation, is separated by semicolons, and lines are line breaks. It is by all means openable on a spreadsheet processor such as Calc or Excel.

As for the questions about licensing, yes, the legal terms that data users are subject to must be completely clear, and allow for any kind of usage, for some data to be considered open data. See the Open Definition. In regard to the present case, there is no explicit licensing information provided. One could argue that it is in the public domain, as it is completely factual and thus not qualify for copyright protection under Brazilian Law 9.610/1998 (Article 7, XIII). The legal text says that databases are only protected when they “by their selection, organization or content disposition, constitute an intellectual creation”. That is clearly not the case with this data.


Hello @herrmann!

thanks for your comments!

About your points:

  1. .TXT files also do open in Excel, so it seemed enough to me to mark only .txt files, which is the format readily visible. I thought a little bit with a “any citizen” mind here, so I used only the format which was clearly available.

  2. I submitted this dataset before your post about open licensing in Brazil. My answer was based on a phone call that I had with a TSE technician, that assured me that no specific license was available because of the existence of the Brazilian Law of Access to Information. But, anyway, data is openly licensed no matter what criteria you use in that case!