Entry for National Maps / Brazil


This is a discussion about the submission for National Maps / Brazil.

I’m doing Q&A and found:

  • 2 and 2.2 -> Too much links. Only last one is relevant.
  • 7 -> It’s wrong. There is no license available.


Actually, the page linked by the submitter in her answer to B7.1 does mention the “public domain”:

Simultaneamente, os indicadores e comentários sobre os resultados são disponibilizados no portal do IBGE na Internet. Esta sistemática de divulgação, com disponibilização para o domínio público de forma ordenada, padronizada e transparente, garante a igualdade de acesso e promove a confiança do público nos procedimentos da Instituição.

The rationale for accepting this as “open” is explained by the submitter in the comments:

didn’t find something as objective as a “terms and conditions” ou a real license, but I found at this link a list of fundamental principles for official statistics with some guidelines for publication and dissemination. It contains the idea of data provided for public domain.

If we are to refuse this rationale you need to elaborate proper counter-arguments to refute it. Also, in that case it would also mean we would have to change the “openess” status of all the datasets in the GODI that have IBGE as a source.