Entry for Weather Forecast / Brazil (openly licensed?)

This is a discussion about the submission for Weather Forecast / Brazil.

Hi all,

I have a question concerning an open license. This website states that

“the republishing and dissemination of public contents are allowed, provided that the source, title and author are cited. In the case of restricted content, it is not allowed to use without the permission of the person in charge. It is totally free to quote the Portal’s URL (http // www.inmet.gov.br) on third-party websites and pages.”

I’m not sure whether these terms of use comply with the Open Definition. Firstly when reading the entire note, it does not become evident to me which elements of the website public content are. Secondly, I’m not sure if republication/dissemination are enough to count as openly licensed. Modification, compilation, etc. are not mentioned for example.

I say the terms of use are not compliant with the Open Definition, but maybe someone has other ideas (also @Wagner_Faria_de_Oliv)?


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Hello @dannylammerhirt !

Thanks for your comment.

I would say that firstly, the terms of use refers to all the data provided through the portal and secondly, even though the license may not be clear, it does not restrict the realization of the open definition requirements.

I also add that following the steps that @herrmann suggested here (Open License Requirements - #9 by herrmann) I would say that this dataset is compliant.

So, my opinion is that it is not clear and evident that data is openly licensed, but I would not tick “no” for this question, following that rationale.

What would you say @herrmann @tlacoyodefrijol @arielkogan ?


Hi @Wagner_Faria_de_Oliv

Thank you for the helpful comment, I’ll review again, based on @herrmann’s proposed steps.