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This is a discussion about the submission for Election Results / Puerto Rico.

I submitted the original responses, but would like to edit some of the entries as follows:
B1.1 - Comision Estatal de Elecciones - State Electoral Commission
B2.2 - Source URLs and Descriptions:

  1. http://ww2.ceepur.org - Official State Electoral Commission website
  2. CEE Event - Drop down menus provide 2016 electoral results down to the level of individual polling stations.
    B2.3 - 2
    Comment: The first website provides access to the second website, but finding the latter is not obvious.
    B2.4 - Used search engine to find “Comision Estatal de Elecciones” website. Clicked on pop-up about 2016 election results. Clicked on “Escrutinio General”. On resulting webpage, on left sidebar, clicked on “Actas por Precinto, Unidad y Colegio”, then clicked on “Actas”. This led me to the second webpage.
    Comment: Procedure is not obvious. You have to explore quite a bit to get to the second website.
    B3. - Select all (A-E)
    Comment: This applies to the second webpage.
    B7. - No
    Comment: At the bottom of the first website there are links to “Politica de privacidad” and “Terminos y condiciones”. You would expect one of these links to lead to licencing information, but they just return you to the same webpage. The second website has no specification as to licensing or whether the data is in the Public Domain.
    B8. - XML
    B9. 1 (Extensive effort is required)
    Any other comments?: Please ignore current entry. Substitute for: “The second website provides electoral results for the Puerto Rico’s recent 2016 election. The first website can provide electoral information about previous elections.”
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