Entry for Government Spending / Belgium

This is a discussion about the submission for Government Spending / Belgium.

Hello there,

My French is not really good but isn’t spending data to be found on this website?

Hi Diana, that’s the official website alright. There is a lot of information on spending data but I think the data are not detailed enough, and almost al the information is in PDF-format.

Yes, there is information available (as submitted to the reviewer), also in XLS-format on http://www.begroting.be/NL/Pages/budgetOnline.aspx, at the bottom of the page

Dear @barthanssens,

thank you very much for your feedback. As part of the public dialogue we will follow up on your input, and will get back to you in the coming days.

All the best

Hi @Lucia,

Indeed the spending data we can see in the links provided are not transactional spending data. Therefore they do not comply with our criteria and cannot be considered for our assessment.