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This is a discussion about the submission for land / br.

We have some data for State of Sao Paulo.

However, they seems incomplete. Furthermore, the other states needs future investigation


There are 2 main sources of information about land registries in Brazil:

  • Serviço Florestal Brasileiro (Brazilian Forest Service)
  • Instituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária - INCRA (National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform)

Serviço Florestal Brasileiro

Maintains the Cadastro Ambiental Rural (Rural Environmental Registry), Cadastro de Imóveis Rurais - Cafir (Registry of Rural Real-estate) and . Data is available as:

Instituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária - INCRA

Maintains Acervo fundiário and Sistema de Certificação de Imóveis Rurais. Data is available as:

With that much data, it seems really unfair to give a score of 0% to Brazil on this dataset. Is it really the case that none of this meets the criteria set by Cadasta Foundation?

To be fair, Serviço Florestal Brasileiro only released all this data about CAR in November 2016, which may have just fell out of the GODI deadline.