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Iran Map from their official website:


Hi @Moqri

Thanks so much for your feedback. As I can see this is a publicly available map of Iran. Do you know if there is also a downloadable version, preferrably in a format such as ESRI shapefile?
That would be very helpful.

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Hi again :slight_smile:

as I said for weather data:

the point is that the weather data isn’t classified, but the Metrological Organisation (like all other governmental organization) don’t know the benefits and opportunities open data have. we (transparency4iran) are trying to promote Open data, it’s benefits and impacts. also, are working on some laws and regulations to open up government data.

so, there’s no data in standard formats, such as ESRI shapefile; but. hopefully will be in future :relaxed:.


Thanks @mhkhani,

This is really helpful. :slight_smile: I would like to add @codrina to this topic to see how she assessed public facing maps in formats as presented here. Did you come across this map Codrina? If so, it would be great to tell Mahdi and Mohammed how you went about to assess the data.



Hi, guys! thank you for the input! I have been going through the indicated website and I was not been able to find the necessary datasets for the national map theme. I see a geometry with the index for maps at different scales, but not the maps themselves. The geometry is placed on Google Maps. If there are some tabs that I didn’t discover, please indicate those to me.