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Hi @Moqri

Thank you so much for your feedback. The link you sent to us seems to lead to a private research project. Unfortunately the GODI only considers official government websites for assessment. The reason for this is that we assess the performance of government to publish open data.

Since you link to a private website this source does not qualify. Do you know of an official source?

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Hi @dannylammerhirt and @Moqri

unfortunately, there’s no election data that complies with the open definition.
I looked all parts of Ministry of Interior affairs websites, as the only ministry that has complete data but didn’t find anything.
one of the officials had said that the detailed date is classified.

Hi @mhkhani,

thanks for the feedback. Do you know if election results at polling station level is classified only, or also data at electoral division level? I’d love to get more information on laws that regulate how election data can be shared with the public at what level of detail.

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Hi @dannylammerhirt
I’m not sure, but think it’s classified at polling station level. In these years, only data that publish orally by the speaker of Ministry of Interior affairs election commission is the final result.
some years, they publish some sort of data in PDF format. unfortunately, there’s no standard and license for Government data.

if you, no matter who you are, a citizen or President, want any detailed data, for example at polling station level, should request to the election commission; they will review and respond. (My Professor who is one of the Ministry of Interior affairs officials explained this process)
There’s no hope for request approval, because of lack of FOIA enforcement.

(FOIA was one of the challenging topics at yesterday presidential debate)