Entry for National Maps / Austria



This is a discussion about the submission for National Maps / Austria.

I don’t think, there is a bulk download possible. If yes, most likely not an easy one.


You are right, there is not. Austria offers free access to the required data by OGC compliant WMTS service. This protocol, such as the WMS protocol, is not constructed in such a way to support a meaningful download.


RED is currently:
• It’s not in an open and machine readable format
This is unclear to us(ISO, OGC compliant WMTS); Or what is desired here
in machine-readable, open format? To be more than ISO and OGC conform,
we do not know …
*We interpret this as an error entry … therefore please again set to green
• It’s not downloadable at once
This is also wrong. basemap.at can be downloaded at once. We even
provide a tool for this on the homepage, which proves that you can
download basemap.at at the push of a button. Since this download is not
very efficient, it will be in the foreseeable future also ZIP files,
with which the whole download is accelerated. After all, we provide a TB
to raster data here; Since the download is somewhat more complex than
with most other OpenData products that move in the KB or MB area
Please also set this criterion to green

If we did not create 100% green, this would not be a good testimony
to the Open Data Index, because a “more open” national map with this
level of detail of a European member state must be found


There is a bulk download for the real national map up to scale 1:250k vector by the NMCA (BEV) at http://www.bev.gv.at/portal/page?_pageid=713,2845804&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

The dataset is updated twice a year.

The format is SHP. Styling is not embedded.


It is a tragedy that WMTS is prerendered and is hardly useful for data integration and analysis. Please try the national map 1:250k from the national mapping agency.