Https:// National maps/Austria

RED is currently:
• It’s not in an open and machine readable format

  • This is unclear to us(ISO, OGC compliant WMTS); Or what is desired here in machine-readable, open format? To be more than ISO and OGC conform, we do not know …
    *We interpret this as an error entry … therefore please again set to green
    • It’s not downloadable at once
  • This is also wrong. can be downloaded at once. We even provide a tool for this on the homepage, which proves that you can download at the push of a button. Since this download is not very efficient, it will be in the foreseeable future also ZIP files, with which the whole download is accelerated. After all, we provide a TB to raster data here; Since the download is somewhat more complex than with most other OpenData products that move in the KB or MB area :wink:
    Please also set this criterion to green

If we did not create 100% green, this would not be a good testimony to the Open Data Index, because a “more open” national map with this level of detail of a European member state must be found :wink: