Entry for Water Quality / Argentina


This is a discussion about the submission for Water Quality / Argentina.

In the submission, dissolved solids are not available but they are. There is no data for the whole country but for those rivers that have sensors. In addition, the data is in HTML format and is regularly updated, but not all data are available for all water sources.



The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development published in december 2016 a dataset that fits the GODI requirements. We request that you take that URL as correct source.
The aformentioned set contains the information corresponding water quality (measured in one thousand areas around the country). Available results depend on the capability and function of the monitoring process.
Whithin those results we can highlight OD, Temperature, pH, Conductivity, BOD, COD, TDS, among others. It is openly licensed and up to date.
Much of the information that integrates this dataset is also available in the official statistics site of the Ministry, wich URL has been evaluated for this index regarding Air Quality Data.
Please consider to evaluate the following URL:



Unfortunately we cannot accept this link for assessment.

This was published on April 11th and we can’t accept any submission posted after March 15th. We can add the link the comments but it won’t change the assessment.