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Are there any details from the reviewer on this category?
I thought I had found that all criteria was covered, but I can’t rembember for sure.
The data is hard to navigate. Would be helpful for further improvements to the data to know what parts of the data were found, and which parts were not.

Hi @livarb,

I remember I talked with Nisha about the availability of water quality data in the Nordic countries especially. @nisha, you know it best, can you give Livar more information. I remember that the data was hard to navigate.

And here you can find your original submission: http://global.survey.okfn.org/submission/2046bd29-b780-40d9-95ba-ca2f79046469 Feel free to check it again, and let us know if we might have overlooked something!


This year the survey is more strict we are looking for all the parameters if any are missing the submission is rejected. The original submission was thorough but I had a really hard time validating it. I emailed the Norway Portal and asked for clarifications on on the parameters and didn’t receive a reply so I had to make it a call and say that all the parameters weren’t there. If the parameters are there I’m happy to correct it, but the meta data didn’t have all the parameters listed and it was difficult to navigate. I will take a final look and if I can find them all now will correct.

Thank you for taking another look.
I’ve been busy, and on holidays, so I haven’t gotten around to taking another look myself.
If it end’s up with no change in the score, any more comments you have on what was found and not or something else, would be valuable to improve this category for Norway.

No problem totally understand. Took another look at the dataset.


It is from 2008 to 2016. I assume it is structured as unique id for the water source, year, parameter, and then the readings for that year, correct?

The meta data states the readings are the average per year? So this not the actual reading for the source. This is the average readings per year across sources and parameters? there are 7 numbers on each line is that the average taken over a period of time?

It is also hard to tell from the data if this is for the whole country, but I’m assuming it is.

Also can you confirm that this “TOC Vannets totale innhold av organiske forbindelser” is Total Dissolved Solids? I think that might be why I missed it the first time. If it is then I can give you full marks for the parameters and pass Norway.

I don’t remember this from looking at the datasets in the submission period. I’ve sent an email to Morten Nicholls from the National Food Safety Authority, who is the contact person (“Kontaktperson”) for the dataset in linked to. Asked if he can answer either today or tomorrow, if that’s soon enough?

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That would be fantastic, do keep us updated. We are trying to finish this off today, if possible

I had a short talk with Morten Nicholls in Mattilsynet. He would try to take a look at this during the weekend, without promising that he would get around to it. Got answers to a few of the questions:

“TOC Vannets totale innhold av organiske forbindelser” is not TDS. TOC stands for Total Organic Carbon.
He also said that the datasets are for the entire country - all wells that deliver water for at least 50 persons.

I’ll add any input I get from Mattilsynet to this thread. Hopefully, that’ll be before you have to wrap up the 4th GODI. @dannylammerhirt

Hi @livarb did you get any input on the characteristics? It would be fantastic for before we close the new Index

@tlacoyodefrijol : Sorry. I didn’t see this until now. I didn’t hear anything more from Mattilsynet, and I didn’t have time to sit down and go through the datasets myself. We’ll follow up on this with Mattilsynet for next time.

@tlacoyodefrijol Hi there Oscar! Nice to e-meet. :slight_smile: I’m a colleague of Livar’s here at Difi, and I was hoping we would be able to have one final round for the water quality indicator? Please note that the description of this indicator in the methodology section on the website differs from your statement above. I.e. the methodology states: “For two categories - water quality and draft legislation we have lowered the bar by making some characteristics optional.”

I have reviewed the data set from Mattilsynet and all indicators except TDS are there from 2008-2016 as you comment above. Further, on the website where the data sets are available, they have added instructions and explanations for each data indicator, so it should be rather straightforward.

May I ask why TDS is the only indicator? In Norway it’s common to measure TOC, and I understand this to be the key indicator for water quality, not TDS (which is commonly used for e.g. hobbyist).

I think it would be a shame to be disqualified when we actually do have extensive datasets dating from 2008, on numerous indicators for water quality from all water works and sources above the minimum threshold.

Greetings from Rie Aleksandra

Hi @riealeksandra, @livarb,

Please excuse the (very) belated reply on our end. This is very helpful information, especially given that TDS do not seem to be as relevant in Norway as TOC. In other environmental datasets we sometimes considered an alternative pollution indicator instead of the from us required one.

We need to be able to make a reasonable argument that these pollutant indicators are at least of equal relevance in a country (based on exposure levels and similar health effects, we did so in the case of air quality and airborne volatile organic compounds). If we can say that TOC is equally relevant we can accept this data. I will follow up on this one and will inform you asap about our resolution.

On another note: Open Knowledge International is doing research on open licenses and we had some questions around the NLOD that are easiest to discuss in a call I suppose. Would one of you be happy to have a call? Looking forward to hear from you!

Quick and short regarding the NLOD-license; I’d be happy to have a call when I’m back from holidays . Can you send an email to opnedata@difi.no with suggested times for a call next week?

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Hi Livar,

Sounds great, I’ll do that. Enjoy the rest of your holidays!