Entry for Water Quality / Bulgaria



This is a discussion about the submission for Water Quality / Bulgaria.

submission has mistakes:

B3 - all of the fields need to be selected as the data includes all of the polutants and monitors the whole country.
B5 - yes, it’s available in bulk.
B7 - yes, it’s licenced with CC0 as visible on the opendata portal

B9 - should be 2. Data is in simple format and is easily readable.

Review process - discussion with contributors?

@Mor Would this be considered? Should I submit explicit revision in the index?


Hi @yurukov - if this was slipped from our revision, no need to resubmit it to the revision. I am tagging @dannylammerhirt here to have a look it at again for the public discussion phase.



This year the survey was much stricter. If any of the parameters were missing the whole entry was rejected, unlike last year where if was accepted even if a few parameters were missing or if it was just a report that referred to data collected.

I have tried repeatedly to download the files on the provided site, the file is corrupted or in a strange format I can’t open. I can’t change the submission until I have validated that there is updated data with all the parameters. Thanks for understanding.



The file is cp1251 encoded in Bulgarian is a CSV with “;” separation. It’s not corrupted and opens correctly with most tools.