EPrints and (Tabular) Data Packages



In recent discussions with a range of researchers working with data in academic environments, the possibility of import/export between Data Package and EPrints Software has come up a number of times.


We’d like to investigate the possibility of such an integration, by working with someone who has experience with EPrints and could further help us scope the possibilities of such an integration.

Also, if you just have a general interest in such an integration being available, please vote on the related user story via our public user stories board for Frictionless Data: https://trello.com/c/NkJ2jQXI

If you are a developer who would be interested in working on such an integration, or, someone with reasonable experience with EPrints, I’d love to chat further! Please let myself and the rest of the Frictionless Data team know ( @danfowler @jobarratt ).

Some background reading on EPrints: