Error when retrieving Datahub users

The following request returns a 503 (Backend fetch failed) error code:
curl ""

I can imagine that the full list of Datahub users may be quite big. Unfortunately, the user_list function does not support pagination according to the CKAN API documentation.

What is the best way to move forward on this? Is this just a simple Datahub-specific bug that must be fixed or should the CKAN API be extended to allow for paginated retrieval?

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I retried the same API call just now but it is still returning a 503 error code.

@amercader can you help?

@wbeek user_list does not currently support pagination. It would be great if it did, so if you are able to contribute a patch that would be great. This should give a good overview of what’s needed, and happy to provide furhter guidance.

Having said that, I’m not sure about the value of the list of current users in Even though we made a huge cleanup during the last migration, there are still thousands of spam accounts from when there weren’t captchas in place. I’d say that something like 90% of accounts might not be legit.

You can check that browsing the UI for the user list at (which btw you could consider scrapping if you really really want to get the list of users and not wait on the user_list patch, but please be considerate)

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