Fall events in Switzerland

A quick update from the Swiss chapter is long overdue - I’m going to make full advantage of the fellowship of our Discourse forums. Let’s start with some good news about our association:

We have a couple of ongoing campaigns, the traveling Data Café:

And the Swiss Prototype Fund, announced at the annual conference.

We’ve got quite a list of events we are supporting this fall! If you’d like to engage or partner with our community, the best way in the short term is to join a hackathon on a topic of interest. Note that the event’s date is in the title in square brackets, [day.month]:

For this last event of the year in particular, I am very keen to reach out and include more of the Open Knowledge network. This is part of a research project which is naturally conducive to collaboration, and involves Swiss charity organizations with a global reach.

In addition to these events, the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland, responsible for the Opendata.swiss portal that we closely support, is virtually hosting the United Nations in October. I would say this is an excellent excuse for us to run a parallel event with the Open Knowledge network, and would love to hear your thoughts. Some background, along with a few ideas we’ve brainstormed so far: