Finding data packages


I have noticed that the home page redirects to That website, in turn, has no easy to find link to search for the data packages themselves, instead only linking to the data package specifications, tools and documentation.

The other day I wanted to find the comprehensive country codes but had a hard time locating it. I had to resort to advanced queries in a search engine and fortunately that page had been indexed before.

I think this should be fixed. Maybe should have a “search for data packages” button somewhere on it, directing visitors to .


Thanks @herrmann! This is really excellent feedback, and you’re right; this should be fixed! I’ll fix it :wrench:!


@herrmann Added to the sidebar

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@herrmann I’ve been thinking about this. There are actually a growing number of places that host Data Packages (at varying levels of compliance). So I’ll list the ones I know, and keep updating this post. Do let me know if you come across any as well!


Sorry to revive an old topic, but the website has since been reformulated once again. Once again, I couldn’t find a link to a curated list of data packages. now gives an “application error”. What happened to it? While having a list on this forum post is good, having a pointer to readily available and commonly used data packages should be featured on the Frictionless Data website would be much better. I think the lack of pointers to practical examples people can use, from the website, hinders further expansion of the use of Frictionless Data.


We should fix this - thanks @herrmann


Agreed. I think the prime starting point is and especially as this has the best curated set of material at the moment which is up to date with latest specs.