Formats (B8) are missing XLSX, and all of Open Document Family


Shouldn’t there be a field “other format” to type in?

Some common ones are missing: XLSX, ODS, ODT


Hi Krysztof,

That is something that we discussed but the more exhaustive the list, the more complex it would be to find all the formats and might become confusing. Please use the comment section to the right to specify the formats in case you don’t find them in the list.


“RDF” is not really a format, but there are a bunch of formats associated with RDF: RDF/XML, N-Triples, Turtle, Notation 3, JSON-LD, etc. I suppose submitters should tick the “RDF” box in case they find any of those formats, right?


That is correct @herrmann, if you find any of these, please specify in the comment section.