FrågaStaten (AskTheState) - FOI Project in Sweden


Topic for the Freedom of Information (FOI) Platform Project in Sweden built on FROIDE software. Project by and with Open Knowledge Sweden. Website (currently landing page):
Language in use on topic might vary between Swedish and English.

Similar platforms: (Germany) (Austria)
Good global index at: “under FOI portals around the world”

DiploHack Stockholm - Hackathon - May 13-15 2016

Hi @mattias,
Great to read your introduction. I thought I’d add the link to the FrågaStaten (AskTheState) project and related sites here for convenience.

I hope you’ll be able to add a link to the Swedish site soon. :wink:


Hi @Stephen,
Good to hear, thank you! Great idea I’ll add them to the topic description!
Link to Swedish site now posted, currently landing page.