Open Knowledge Sverige (Sweden)


Detta är gruppen för Open Knowledge Sverige.
Språk som används här är primärt Svenska men kan vara Engelska. Skriv på det språk du är bekväm med.

This is the topic for Open Knowledge Sweden. Language in use here is primarily Swedish but can be English. Write in the language you are most comfortable with.


Hi, @mattias, wouldn’t you like a category bellow the local groups category? See this topic.


I couldn’t do it before. Now it is! Or I don’t know…


I changed the parent of this category to the “Local Groups” category, and everything looks right except it’s not showing up on the main page. I see a new Sweden category, but this one should be there as well. We’re going to update the software soon, hopefully that fixes it. Otherwise, we’re adding this to our bugs list. Apologies.


The issue here was that the original post was just a topic, not a category. I’ve moved it here just for convenience, but I think you should copy over the content from this topic and add it to the category description here:


We need a badge for Sweden. I changed ownership of the About post to @mattias.