Grafoscopio User Manual: Early beta



Hi all,

I’m making a couple of articles for the JOSS[1], which, by the way is an interesting critic/hack to the anachronistic published paper on indexed journal[2], making visible the work of research who use mainly software as a medium to communicate and make research.


JOSS proposes a pretty good structure for the companion readme file for the software. I started to write it, but I entered to some kind of “writing frenzy” and, after almost 40 pages(!), it ended in the English Grafoscopio User Manual:

Is the first text I write of such length in English, so any critic on typos, clarity or others are welcomed. Please see the “Community Guidelines” section, particularly “Report issues or problems”, so I can follow and address the suggestions better.

I will be making some minor updates on the software and the manual to improve consistency (manual URL, remains the same, pointing to the last version).