Open Sourcing the Data Journalism Handbook with Grafoscopio




Hopefully this is the right category to post this… I was also thinking to put in the Open Education, but this seems more related with the creation of open handbooks related with data and reading from the project site seems that the project I’m going to present and this one share a of the same ethos. Anyway, here it comes the announcement.

Recently, in our local hackerspace, we used, extended and adapted, Grafoscopio to recreate the first open source version of the Data Journalism Handbook, in Spanish. Quoting from the project page:

There are some interesting Free Cultural Works which are not open sourced.
This means that, they are covered under pretty liberal licenses,
allowing their remix, sale and modification, but the infrastructures
which support the creation, modification and publishing of such works,
don’t allow wide participation and deep traceability of their history of
such collective endeavors.

This is our approach about alternative ways for creating such works,
addressing the above problem, using the Data Journalism Handbook as an
example (English, Spanish) and pocket infrastructures, which are simple, self contained, and work well on-line and off-line, like Fossil and
Grafoscopio. Also we extended and adapted Grafoscopio, during this project,
to make the tool suit the problem (and not the usual other way around).

More information and downaloadable files in the project source code repository:

And, of course, the customary screenshots: