The Open Data Handbook questions

I am not certain where to post this question; however, I am interested in knowing what technology(ies) where used to create , the Open Data Handbook. I love the format and intuitive design of the book. Thanks!


It is described here: Contributing to the handbook


@one9ooh6, I moved this topic to the more appropriate category. :smile:

Not a problem at all :). Thanks for helping me get settled in.

The master behind the handbook design is @sam . :slight_smile: We used Jekyll for it.

I am having trouble downloading a pdf copy of the Open Data Handbook.
Can anyone help??

I get

Page Not Found


@alanl, Could you let me know the URL? I will look into it. As far as I know, there is no PDF version of the handbook at the moment. Am I wrong, @Mor ?

I will look for the PDF version…