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@Stephen, How can I report a data portal that is listed on, but does not exist anymore?


Hi @jgkim,
I had a similar issue with trying to modify a portal entry that had changed.

@mattfullerton and @schlos are the main maintainers of I am in the process of being made an editor.

For the moment, please provide the details here and we’ll fix it.

We’re looking for volunteers who may be able to improve the code so these changes can be requested more easily online.

Thanks so much for pointing out the change.


I noticed that someone just tried to correct a data error in by doing a pull request on GitHub. This is something most people won’t do (and I’m not even sure if it’s an appropriate way to make a change - @mattfullerton?).

We don’t have modify and delete functions on yet, so what is the best way to instruct people to provide updated information?

Whatever it is, we should add some instructions on the About page and/or at the top of the Add a Portal form?


Thanks for the reply, @Stephen.

The portal entry that seems not to exist any more is The Korea Data Hub. As far as I know, the portal had developed by Open Knowledge Korea, but unfortunately the portal and its own site cannot be reached, not being maintained.


If it is still the case that the primary database of is in a Google Spreadsheet, then the pull request won’t work, I guess.


Please see


@jgkim Korea Data Hub status is now inactive. Total “removal” not as easy as I thought - see GitHub #52


I filled out the form for a few weeks ago but the site hasn’t appeared in the index.


Hi @Stephen, Sorry for the maintenance issue of Korea Data Hub.

For now It’s active but the URL is changed, so I want to update this page. But when I checked the catalogs, somehow this is not matched to the page. Should I let you know by just replies or do pull request with modified catalogs.csv?

Anyway, is also active now, so it should be the publisher for the page and the URL for the data portal is to be Of course the status should be ‘active’ now so that it could be displayed on the main page of

Thanks in advance.


Sorry @Jersey there is a big backlog of data portals to check and publish on the site. I’m afraid it’s a case of too few volunteers spread thinly across many projects.

I’m wondering if a different model, less dependent on a few individuals, may be a better way.


Hi @Seonho_Kim, should be fixed now. In the future additions or modifications can be made by using the Add a Portal option on the site.


Thanks @Stephen, for the update :smile:


@Jersey - Done! See


In France, we already have a comprehensive map maintained by Libertic:

The data behind the map is downloadable, how can we join efforts? 2.0

@samgta, I have added a user story to 2.0.

As a short-term, one-time manual fix, we would have to:

As an alternative:


Thanks Stephen. What should happen when I click on “Publisher”? It is currently a broken link.


@Jersey, this appears to be a bug. I’ve added it to GitHub.


Might help you: