Help.... how can I update an existing entry in


OpenDataNI (the Open Data portal for Northern Ireland Public Sector data) has recently been launched (re-launched, I suppose), and as a result, the existing entry on now needs a little re-vamp. I had looked at an earlier thread which suggests (as an option) to re-enter the details via the ‘Add a portal’ menu option; however, I’m having difficulty in opening that form, and the alternative entry update possbilities are a bit of a mystery to me. Can anyone help me with this? Any and all guidance and assistance on this would be very gratefully received.

OpenDataNI team.


It looks to me that you need to make an update to the following github repository:

You need to update the data/portals.csv file, and specifically the row relating to Open Data NI. If you’re familiar with git and have a github account you could do this yourself via a git pull request. Otherwise, I guess you could post the new details here and someone else could do it for you (i.e. me or someone else).

If anyone knows of an alternative, just let me know.


I just tested the form and it did work for me, but it is loaded from an external source so there’s a small potential for problems. But indeed the preferred method is to submit an edit to that CSV file on the GitHub platform (we need to update the details on the site). If you’re unfamiliar with GitHub just post the desired changes here and I can make them (as an NI native, it would be my pleasure :smile:)



Please accept my apologies for the unseemly delay in replying,… and thank you for your kind offer of help with this, which I should like to take you up on, if willing to help. The text that I hope to replace the existing entry with is outlined below:


OpenDataNI is Northern Ireland’s Public Sector Open Data web portal, for publication of data produced by Northern Ireland government departments, agencies and non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs), in line with the ‘Open Data Strategy for Northern Ireland 2015-18’. The portal provides access to these datasets in an open and machine-readable format, making previously unavailable data, available for re-use.

Area covered: Northern Ireland, UK
Publisher: Department of Finance and Personnel of Northern Ireland
Status: active
License: Open Government Licence v3.0
Country/Language: GB / en
Tags: ‘ckan’ ; ‘northernireland’ ; ‘level_regional’
; ‘uk’ ; ‘eu-official’ ; ‘unitedkingdom’
Portal software: CKAN

We have arranged for the old URL ( to also resolve to the new site, but for the sake of completeness, it would be good to have current primary URL details up there.

If there is anything that would be needed in addition to the above revised entry text, let me know and I’ll do what I can. Your help with this is very much appreciated. I hope also that you’ll have a look around the portal to see how we are progressing; we are working hard to increase the numbers of datasets available, so I hope that there will be plenty of data there of interest.

Kind regards and many thanks again,

OpenDataNI team.


My answer is also a little late :smiley:

I’ve updated the CSV file that powers the website with the new details. You can check the changes here:

The portal is really nice, especially the geospatial visualizations. All the best with keeping it up to date and running well (the hard work :wink:)



Huge thanks for this, and thanks also for your kind words about the portal. The hard work with the portal is only beginning, not least in persuading and assisting the many areas of the Public Sector to publish their data. That said, it will be well worth the effort in the long run.

Kind regards and much appreciation,

OpenDataNI team.