What would you like to see in a refresh of

For inspiration, here are some other sites that provide lists of data portals:

or an experiment that does away with the need to find the portal, to find the data.

Add your user story
e.g. As a type of user, I want some goal so that some reason.

How do we make corrections to existing data entries?

As an editor for 2.0, I want an easy way to aggregate other lists of open data portals so they can be discovered and displayed by users of the

This aggregation:

  • must be done on a regular basis so the data is up-to-date
  • highlight duplicate portals so they can be reviewed and corrected as required.

As a example, entries from Libertic’s should be able to be imported daily

At present the only way to import data into is to:

  • download data from a list of open data portals
  • manually map the data to fields used in
  • research any missing fields
  • Add each row into and publish.

Help make the most comprehensive list of open data portals around the world


I’m the author of opendata-map, and if you want some helps to import data, it will be a pleasure !

Just my 2cts on the refresh of, what it’s difficult to display on a map it’s :

  • the administration level (like, city, state, country) of a public plateform
  • the target land of a non-public plateform

To display a pin where is located the headquarter of the organisation, is not enought from my POV.



I would like to suggest idea of moving to CSV in github as “database” rather than using google spreadsheets so as to make it easier to contribute. See for details.


@sim51 i just want to acknowledge your suggestions and say these are great and would love your help importing data. We are probably moving to CSV in github which will make that easier :slight_smile: