Help us maintain open government data after elections & political changes


Many of you might be aware of mySociety’s work with the Wikidata community on the Wikiproject every politician, which has resulted in Wikidata having up-to-date and consistent data on political position holders in current national legislatures for at least 39 countries (and work in progress for over 60 countries).

We’ve just submitted a grant proposal to the Wikimedia Foundation for work to develop a post-election updating toolkit, to help the Wikidata community to keep this data up-to-date, in particular following elections, which pose a significant risk to the maintenance of data on political office holders and legislatures.

If you are active in the Wikidata community and interested in this work, please do review our proposal at

In particular, if you live in a country or major region that has an upcoming election, please talk to us about piloting the tools! We’d like for you to test the project tools and guidance to update data following your country’s election, and to give us feedback on the value and appropriateness of the approach in your context and political system.

In general, we’re keen to encourage discussion and evaluation of Wikidata as a source of current position holder data.


Voted in support! Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for your support and feedback @todrobbins !