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Many of you may be aware of mySociety’s EveryPolitician[1] project which aims to provide open data on every national-level politician in the world.

We’ve just submitted a grant proposal to the Wikimedia foundation to help us move more of this work onto Wikidata, which seems like the natural next step - allowing more people to get involved, allowing for local context and expertise.

If you are active in the Wikidata community or you would benefit from this move, please do endorse our proposal at





Hi @myf,

This seems like a pretty interesting project. We’re working on data activism and visualization from a grassroots approach combining critical code+data literacy, moldable tools and the idea of frictionless data (no the standard yet) with Grafoscopio and the Data Week. Now we’re advancing on the idea of Twitter Data Selfies and once we have our own, the idea is to invite politicians to take their own Twitter data selfie, as a sample of their commitment to transparency and and openness by release its public discourse on social media (specifically Twitter) as open data and to create a gallery of data selfies of politicians that have accepted our invitation.

So this activist grassroots effort could dialogue with yours. Let me know if you find some intersection points and I will keep informed OKFN about how this is advancing.



Hi @myf, love the intent of the this project :slight_smile: Am just wondering, what would be considered the single source of truth? EveryPolitician or Wikidata?