How do I acquire ownership to the City of Seattle Census entries


Hi, I am starting to work on the census entries for using my facebook account but am running into areas where I don’t have permissions. Is our CTO the main site owner? And would be the person to make that adjustment? Thanks nate


Hi @cosnate,
My understanding from running the Australian Open Data Census is that anyone should be able to:

  • add a new submission
  • propose a revision to an existing entry

You can’t propose a revision if another has already been proposed.

After making a submission, if you are not a editor you are shown an “error” message saying, “you can’t approve it”. In my mind this is a bug or at least unnecessary. You’re changes should be shown in

Please note. I am not an Admin for the US City Census and it may work differently to the Australian one. I hope this is of some help and hasn’t lead you astray.

If by “acquire ownership” you mean approve submissions and make them entries in the census, then you will need to be made an editor of the census. The documentation may help.


Hi @cosnate I’m Andrew from Code for America and I help run the US version of the census. Now that we’ve got it back online, we’re starting to do a push to our large network of civic tech volunteer groups. We’ll slowly reup on volunteer stewards for each city.

When we started the census back when with Open Knowledge and the Sunlight Foundation, we decided to have stewards who didn’t work in government. We still want to keep it that way. I’ve hit up the leadership of Code for Seattle to see if anyone there wants too.

Do you have anyone else who might want to volunteer? Of course, I can make any edits you want while were looking for someone.

Access needed for city of seattle

Thanks Andrew, I’ll send you some updates then? via twitter DM to @hackyourcity? We can see how that works. We still need a process in place on our end to effectively keep the datasets current. Nate


We’ve got a volunteer reviewer from Seattle. Seth VIncent is a co-captain of Code for Seattle. You can reach him at svincent at

You can submit revisions to the Census yourself whenever there are updates, Seth and crew will only be in charge of accepting or rejecting them. You should link up with them sometime to talk open data.