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What is the current status if the US City Open Data Census? Our Code for America Brigade has been making edits, but has had no way of confirming/accepting them, even though we were given a special ID as the “owner” of the account for our city. Is this still being maintained? E-mails to services@okfn.org and usopendatacensus@gmail.com over the past few months have gone unanswered.


Maybe the same issues here. I am having a lot of trouble finding support for the US City Open Data Census. I need to know how to be added as an owner for a city. And also it appear I need a lot of training on how to post a new thread to these forums. :slight_smile: I am trying to work just in the city census area but all my intuitive efforts for questions and help are bouncing me out to a broader are of the site where I think the audience is probably not interested?


Hello all!

@hackyourcity is the person for support on the US city census. We maintain the whole Open Data Index platform, but Andrew is running the USA instance, so he should assist you with it.

New look for the open data index (local and global!)