Place list for German census is empty

Tried so enter/review some of the datasets, unfortunately the place list is empty, although some of the datasets are still in there. The screenshot is for 2015. .

The changelog is empty as well.

one detected error: duplicate entry of a city name.
trying to fix:

  • remove item from spreadsheet list
  • re-publish doc to web with appropriate access rights
  • wait (???)

hmmm @juliakloiber - is OK Germany working on a local open data census?

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I’d like to properly start the initiative here in Switzerland; could I get review rights restored on please?

Hi Oleg, you seem to be the admin on the ch-city instance. I added you as reviewer for the instance.

I’ve tried to log in every which way. But the message keeps popping up: “Oleg, You do not have permissions to review this submission.”

Hi Oleg,

This means you can log in and submit but can’t review the entries?

Yes, that’s exactly the issue. Thanks Oscar.

Hi Oleg, are you using to review? Can you log out and login again with that account? It should be working now.

The Google account is actually - I still see the issue after logging in. :hushed:

Ok, so the issue was that we had the wrong email registered for admin and
reviewing. It should be working now.