How do you describe a optional URI in JSON Table Schema?

Is this the correct way to describe an optional URI in a JSON Table Schema?

  "name": "stop_url",
  "description": "Contains the URL of a web page about a particular stop. This should be different from the agency_url and the route_url fields.  The value must be a fully qualified URL that includes http:// or https://, and any special characters in the URL must be correctly escaped. See for a description of how to create fully qualified URL values.",
  "type": "string",
  "format": "uri",
  "constraints": {
    "required": false

When I used this to validate stops.txt data (unzipped and uploaded from a local file) using Good Tables, it returns,

  Incorrect Type (stop_url):  The value "" in column "stop_url" is not a valid String.

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Hi Stephen, can you raise this issue directly on the repo: Issues · frictionlessdata/framework · GitHub

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