How to constrain geopoint values?

I assume that data of type geopoint will be validated to ensure:

  • longitude is constrained to +/- 180
  • latitude is constrainted to +/- 90

But what if I want to constrain the data to my geographic area by using a minimum bounding rectangle?

Reading the Table Schema constraints, it seems only some constraint/type combinations are valid. Here’s my understanding:

If this is right, it seems that I can’t constrain a geopoint. I know I can work around this but I think minimum and maximum should apply to geopoint.

What do you think?

Edit: Enum no longer valid for dates or time

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There’s an existing issue for adding additional supported types to minimum: Constraint minimum should indicate more types. · Issue #345 · frictionlessdata/specs · GitHub

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Thanks @Stephen this is an interesting use case. I’ll follow up in the issue @danfowler linked to.


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