How to get data with all constituents and time line

Dear all,
I would like to have the universe of S&P 500. (in the end also other universes)

Within that universe I want a timeline for at least five years with at least yearly datapoints. The data I want is at least Revenue.

This I want for all the constituents of the selected universe.

I found either monthly data for entire S&P 500 (which is nice, but not what I need because not breaker up into constituents).

Alternatively I found a break up into constituents, but here I did not find the break up into revenue nor time.

Is my question understandable, or should I try to explain? Could you direct me to the data I am Interested in?

Sincerely yours,
Henri Blomster, PhD


I think I understand. You probably don’t get what you want from this Data Package, right?

Alternatively, you can try posting a request on

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